Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Hey guys!  I bet you done thunk I must have thrown away my sewing machine, huh?!?  NOT ON YOUR LIFE!  I love my sewing machine and I love sewing...just haven't found much time to do any sewing lately :-( :-(!

I even have some cute cute new fabrics that I got for Mother's Day and they are calling, more like screaming out my name to come and do something with them!

I did refashion one of my maternity skirts into a darling cute adorable dress for Alyssa last week!  She wore it to church on Sunday and I forgot to get a picture :-( and it took like only 20 minutes to do (all I had time for)!  I promise I will get a picture of it and put it on here!  I know I need to.

Oh I also refashioned a tank top that was way way too big for me to one that fit me and took the excessive I cut off and made a ruffled neck edge...but once again no pic...I need to get a pic...

BUT I do have something very exciting to share!  I am hopefully going to be able to teach a sewing class in the fall semester of our homeschool coop!  I am so excited about this possibility - to be able to instill in young girls the love of sewing!!  It will be my first time to teach sewing and I am so tickled about it!  I hope it all works out :-)

We are having a wonderful summer though - lots of play dates with friends at the park, a vacation at the beach, camping in our RV, visiting family and swimming. This week we are having a bunch of our friends over for a play date at our house.  The kids are going to play outside while the moms make homemade fruit jams and jalapeno jelly!!  It is going to be MUCH fun!

I hope you all are having a good summer as well!!

Until next time,

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