Monday, March 28, 2011

I got to test a pattern!

If you actually read these posts on my blog you will notice on the right hand column a button for Seamingly Smitten!!  I absolutely love this blog!  Jenny always comes up with the cutest patterns for herself and her children! She is very friendly and always very complimentary!

Anyways - she has started marketing her own patterns.  She asked for pattern testers a few weeks ago and I was a bit bummed because I was going to be out of that town that week and would not be able to cooperate!  I was so very excited to see though this morning that she had another pattern that she was wanting testers for.  I jumped at the chance this time and got chosen to be a tester!!  WHOO HOO!!  I was so excited that I completed the pattern this afternoon - LOL!!  I thankfully had all the materials on hand and it was a very simple and fast pattern!  I completed the project from start to finish in 2 hours (and that was with the usual interruptions that happen when you have 3 kids in the house!)  I had not been feeling really well (probably exhausted from all the many travels that have been happening lately) but this really put a jump back in my step and helped me cheer up!  (maybe I was having sewing withdrawals - it has been 3 weeks since I have been able to sew because of everything going on!)

Anyways!  This was a super cute pattern and it worked perfectly for Alyssa!  Her size fit her perfect!

So here's the end result!!  What do you think!?!  (oh the fabric I chose was a seersucker with ladybugs and daisies.   The ruffle trim and the tie are a lightweight denim).

And my mom bought all the stuff for me to make Alyssa's princess dress for her 2nd birthday coming up!!!  I can't wait to see the end result.  I have in my head what I want to do!!  I hope it turns out as adorable as the picture in my mind! LOL!!  Of course I will share on here the end results!

I am also starting to think of what to do for Easter dresses!!!  I don't have long to get that done either!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Refashion - From Onesies to Shirts

Aren't all of these tops just too cute?!?!  All of these, plus a few more that are not pictured, were originally onesies that I refashioned into shirts!  This project included 9 onesies and took about 2 hours to complete ALL of them!! (which means it took about 10 to 15 minutes for each one!!  VERY EASY!!)

On all of the onesies I used my rotary cutter to cut off the onesies just above the bottom binding, as seen in the picture below.

There were a couple that were long enough at that point so I just did a rolled hem at the bottom edge with my serger and called it good enough!  I didn't get pictures of these since they were just a simple cut and hem.

But most of them were a bit short so they needed a length added to them.

On most of those I did a lettuce edge at the bottom of the cut off onesie and then added a gathered ruffle (made from strips of old t-shirts of mine).  I top stitched the onesie to the ruffle to give a cute layored effect.

There were a couple that put a double layer of ruffles behind the onesie!  I really liked the look of these!

On one of the onesies I sewed the ruffled extension to the bottom instead of layering it (mainly because I was being lazy at that point and did not want to change my serger thread from the pink that was in it for the other shirts...and this shirt had no pink).  But I still think it turned out cute like this as well.
And then I had one onesie that I instead of putting a ruffle at the bottom I used the bottom of another shirt that was too short to extend the length.  And I cut out the flower detail that was at the top of the other shirt and sewed it to the top of this shirt.  It turned out to be a fun little shirt!  (I also used the method of doing a lettuce edge at the bottom of the cut onesie and sewing the extension behind it for the layered effect)

I love now quick and easy these came together!!  In two hours Alyssa had 9 new shirts that fit!!!  :-) (and look adorable as well!!)

Spring Refashion - Pink Jumper and Sweater

Ok - so I told you I had a LOT of refashion projects in the works!?!?  Well I completed one this weekend that Alyssa was able to show off at church yesterday!  :-)  I was very pleased with the results of this refashion!

Here are the originals:

1) This was a sweater of mine that went with a dress that I have.  I absolutely LOVE the dress but have never liked the sweater!  The arms are just too tight! So, I am going to be doing another sweater for my dress :-) and decided to size down this sweater for Alyssa.  Here is the before picture of the sweater.

I used a sweater of Alyssa's as a guide and cut down the bodice.  For the sleeves I took the sleeves of her sweater and measured them from the bottom of the sleeves of the pink sweater so that I could keep the bottom hem of the sleeves and not have to redo them.  I was able to keep the bottom hem of the front of the pink sweater since it had the cute curve and just altered the hem in the back.

Here is the finished sweater on the hanger.

2) The second part of this project was the jumper.  Here is a picture of the original items.  I used a pair of overall shorts that no longer fit in torso area. (One reason why refashions are working so well for Alyssa right now is because she is getting taller but not "wider". Her size 12 to 18 months still fit width-wise, they are just too short!).  The other item is a cute shirt that she wore with leggings on our cruise last summer.

(I went looking through my cruise pictures for a picture of her in this outfit.  I did not find a picture showing the full outfit, but I still wanted to share a picture...just to show how much she is has grown in less than a year!  This was last June!  :-(...excuse me while I cry for a minute)

Ok -back to the refashioning!  On the overalls I just cut them off right above the snaps.  I placed it on top of the pink top to figure out where it matched up on the width so I would know where to cut.  I then sewed the pink skirt to the bottom of the overalls and then serged my edges for a clean finish.

And you see the white and brown ribbon detail on the shirt in the above picture?  I cut those off and put them on the pocket of the overalls.  I then took one of the brown ruffled sleeve details and put it across the top pocket of the overalls.

Here is the after picture of the jumper!
And here is Alyssa modeling her outfit!!

We were out shopping yesterday afternoon and were having fun modeling cowboy hats!  This outfit looks very cute with a pink cowgirl hat!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Getting Ready for SPRING!

It's hard to believe it is that time of year again.  Time to put away the fall/winter clothes and bring out the spring/summer clothes!  I have started working on this in our house this week.  But since I have discovered the art of "refashioning" it is even more exciting because there are so many projects that I am thinking of.  I have some of the boys jeans that have holes in the knees that I am ready to make into shorts!  Alyssa has so many pants that she has outgrown lengthwise but still fit in the waist (and in most cases still a bit big in the waist, LOL) that I am ready to make into shorts!  She also has some very cute spring/summer dresses that are now to short but I am ready to make them into fabulous skirts!!

So, not much actual sewing taking place this week but there is an awful lot of planning!  I am already creating quite a list and will have plenty to keep myself busy!  But my kids are sure going to look cute!! :-)  (and I have got to find some time in there somewhere to make me some cute new spring/summer outfits because those are my favorite things to sew!!  Oh and don't worry Alyssa will be getting some new outfits sewn for her along with her refashions!)

But that is what is going on around here this week!! Hopefully I will be able to post some pics and a bit of my list of my projects and maybe it will help inspire you to get creative in your change from fall/winter to spring/sumer wardrobes!!  :-)
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