Friday, July 15, 2011

I did some more refashioning :-)

My sister gave me a bag of clothes that didn't fit her and they for sure didn't fit me - LOL!  So what do you do with those type clothes you ask?? Well you refashion them for your little girl of course!!

I refashioned two shirts today into adorable, long length (yay) dresses for Alyssa!  It didn't take long at all to do either one.  It would have been even less time if Alyssa hadn't wanted to "help" as much, and if she would have been more cooperative with fittings and stuff...which wore me out...which is why we only did two.


Here is the before picture of the first one - this was a Juniors medium shirt.

And here are the after shots.  I basically sewed some off the shoulders and brought in the sides.  I also put a pleat in the back to help bring in the neckline.

Here was the other top - a size Junior medium top.

Here are the after shots.  I took off the straps, brought in the sides, and then reattached the straps.  (note: I realized when I had the dress on for these pics that the straps needed to be shortened a bit more...the dress was a bit low...I did that but went ahead and did the pics because she was already fighting me (I finally got her to let me get pics if I put her on the table) and I knew she wouldn't do a pic the next time.  We were done...

I guess when you have a two year old under foot it is good that you can do quick sewing jobs like refashioning!  After 30 minutes of that I am exhausted LOL!

Until next time!

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  1. I love the first top!! That turned out so cute and looks just like something I would buy at a clothing store :) Great job on both!! My daughter has a dress I need to redo! It's a little short and not modest enough on top so instead of putting a shirt under it, I'm going to make it into a skirt! Can't wait :)


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