Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ready For Easter!!

Well I got Alyssa's Easter dress made!  (it looks much better on her than it does on the hanger!  I will upload pics of her wearing it Sunday sometime next week hopefully!!)

I used the Ellie Twirl Dress by Lilibelle that I purchased on  I thankfully already had some adorable seersucker and matching solid purple coordinating fabric!  I added a ruffle to the straps (along with a ribbon trim to the straps and the top of the bodice.

Here is the front:

And here's the back!  Don't you just love that bow?!?!?

For my dress instead of making something new this year I decided to pull out a dress that I made about 8 years ago!!  I haven't been able to wear it for quite some time because I had gained all that weight - but now that it is back off (and has stayed off!!!) I can wear it again!  All I had to do was replace the broken zipper on it!  This is still one of my favorite dresses that I have ever made!
 Here is a close up of the bodice (sorry the picture turned out a bit blurry) but there is yellow decorative stitching around the neckline (and also the bottom hem) is tulips...the tulips were done on my embroidery machine using eyelet lace as appliquéd material for the petals.

Last year I made a decision that every year I would try to do something homemade for kids for Easter...why you ask?  because I LOVE Easter! It is one of my favorite holidays and there are so many cute things you can do!

Last year I made bunny neck pillows and bunny hand puppets for the boys, and a bunny blanket for Alyssa.  (I thought I blogged about it but can't seem to find the post)

This year I made bunny bean bags.  I got the idea from here on family  I used fabric markers to make the facial features (less likely to fall off that way LOL!).  I also used a 2nd rubberband to seperate the head from the body (instructions just called for a ribbon to do that).  I hotglued a ribbon around the neck and then hotglued a bow on. (looked better than tying a bow around the neck.  I had some cute craft pom poms to hot glue on for the tails!

Here are the front of the bunnies...

and here are the backs!  :-)

I think these are going to look DARLING in their Easter baskets on Sunday!

I pray everyone has a Blessed Easter!!  I will report back with pics of Alyssa in her dress next week :-)!

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  1. That is such a cute little Ellie Twirl dress! I love your colors and the ruffles! :)


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